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Services We Love

Looking how to create email newsletters, forms, embed video and more?

Below is a constantly evolving list of 3rd party services that we have come across and love.

Need help? Existing Tilted Pixel customers should contact their account manager - we have awesome integration options. If you're not already a customer, well what are you waiting for?

Analytics and Tracking

Google Analytics

This free service has become the standard in tracking your website traffic and how your website is used. Advanced users can take advantage of features such as:

  • Tracking the actual dollars earned by your various marketing campaigns (even offline ones)
  • Split-testing the performance of different versions of your content.
  • Receiving emails when interesting things happen.

If you are a Tilted Pixel client, setting up Google Analytics properly is part of the website launch process.

E-mail Marketing


MailChimp combines easy-to-use newsletter creation with amazing deliverability rates, e-mail statistics, and the best list management we've seen.


We recommend MailChimp for most clients, however if you sell information products or plan to do affiliate marketing you may prefer to sign-up with AWeber as MailChimp does not allow affiliate marketing.

Forms and Feedback

Survey Monkey

Survey monkey is the go-to service for creating and sending surveys. Chances are you have filled out at least one survey created with their tool.


As a marketer sometimes you just "need a form" and you need it now. Wufoo allows you to easily build forms with fairly complex logic which you can link to or embed from your website.

Map Creation

Scribble Maps

Create your own Google-based maps and easily embed them into your own website. We like the easy interface and powerful toolset.

Video Hosting

Need to embed a video? There's a bit more to it than hosting an image, but good options do exist. We have listed the major pros and cons to help you out.

In case your curious our own website uses a combination of Amazon/FlowPlayer (for our main videos) and YouTube (for blog and on-going content).


Pros: YouTube is free and ridiculously easy to use. You simply upload your video to YouTube and then paste in the code that they give you into your page (this is especially easy with Tilted Pixel editing tools, just saying). YouTube takes care of converting your video into the appropriate formats and serving it correctly.

Cons: There is limited control over YouTube player appearance and you will see YouTube branding. The player

Best For: YouTube is an excellent option for embedding videos into blog posts, news, and anywhere where .


Vidyard merges video hosting with detailed analytics.

Pros: Excellent option for your main videos, particularly if you value analytics and ease-of-use.

Cons: All of this service comes at a price, so video has to be a significant part of your marketing strategy.

Amazon Cloudfront/Flowplayer combination

Pros: Very high levels of flexibility. Ability to control access to videos (such as members-only videos). On-going costs are relatively inexpensive.

Cons: This is a lower level solution that requires a web developer to setup and customize specifically for your needs.

Best For: Anywhere that has a lot of video content or very specific requirements for how the video is presented. We have had great results using this combination for memberships sites, learning libraries, and our own website.

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