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Ecommerce Websites That Convert Visitors into Loyal Customers

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Just some of the measureable results that Tilted Pixel websites have accomplished for our clients.

Few feelings can match getting your first online sale.

I still remember mine. 10 years ago a complete stranger from another country paid my tiny new hosting business $4.95 for a month of web hosting services. I had checked my email, and there was the notice from PayPal "You have received a payment". And in that moment, in a very real and practical way, I understood that ecommerce was a big deal.

Ecommerce has changed a lot over the years as online shopping has grown to accounting for $1.2 trillion in sales worldwide*. The ecommerce experience has become proportionately more sophisticated.

Today's savvy merchants of all sizes:

  • Build their website around a strong authentic story that resonates with their audience.
  • Make it ridiculously easy for customers to get from visit to purchase using a slew of best practices to create a smooth shopping experience.
  • Split-test new versions of key sales pages, seeking continual performance improvement.
  • Regularly send ultra-targeted emails that their customers love to receive by automatically segmenting their e-mail lists based on subscriber behavior.
  • Use modern analytics tools to see exactly how their customers interact with their website, and where the weak points are.
  • Create customer delight through the little touches, such as a warm thank you e-mail sent automatically the day after purchase.

*Source: emarketer

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Tilted Pixel Inc. (and a few others)

A great ecommerce website starts with the right process.

We're really passionate about building great solutions and making sure we can work together to deliver outstanding success for you. Here is the process that we go through when building ecommerce websites:

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First we dive in deep to understand your business.

This includes revenue, margins, size of customer base, sales funnel, marketing
strategy. Building an ecommerce site without this information is about as effective as driving blindfolded. Yet many companies do exactly that.

Shopping bag

The complete shopping experience is mapped out, to suit your buyers.

No one size attempts to fit all checkout here. From the pages that your customers first land on, through every step of the checkout process, and the follow-up e-mail that gets sent 3 days after the customers package got delivered.

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The right experience gets coupled with a fresh design.

Depending on your website, that might mean a funky look to match your brand, or it might mean sparse and refreshingly easy to navigate.


We look for the solutions that are going to have the biggest impact on your business.

Reaching new heights means rethinking old assumptions and taking a chance on something new.

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Launching a new website puts you on the starting line of the success journey, not the finish.

Be prepared to work together long-term to optimize your online presence, based on hard data collected through website analytics.

In short, we're here to do it right because to us, this is the only way that make sense.


Tilted Pixel solutions process millions in online sales per year.
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