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Tilted Pixel is always looking for ways to improve and enhance our website. It's like having a team of experts at your disposal.

- Duane Weidinger, President

Tilted Pixel lives and breathes the web, and we're single-mindedly focused on helping our clients leverage it to help their businesses succeed. So it was a natural fit for Tilted Pixel to re-develop, a niche e-commerce website selling online training and books for Mastercam software. We didn't just build a good-looking website with e-commerce capabilities. The Tilted Pixel team worked with the business owner, Duane Weidinger, to carefully assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current setup and come-up with a revised e-commerce strategy for the company. This was done over a series of meetings and careful analysis of the available sales data to target the most likely sources of improvement.

Since first coming over to Tilted Pixel, the site has undergone several series of additions and has evolved in response to sales data. The result has been steadily increasing sales and a successful e-commerce presence.

To help achieve these results, Tilted Pixel:

  • Built the website on the always-up-to date Tilted Pixel Platform, including our e-commerce system.
  • Developed a new graphic design.
  • Built an Adwords campaign.
  • Assisted in sales copywriting.
  • Built an online learning system.
  • Integrated with credit card payment services.
  • Provided marketing advice.